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Re: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online

In a message dated 6/30/00 2:37:11 PM EST, martinh@DigitalWork.com writes:

<< What were the known direct competitors (presumably fish-eating) for
 It seems extraordinary to that such a large specialized predator was able to
 develop if any other water-dwelling fish eaters (such as crocs, whihc seem a
 diverse and versatile group) existed. After all it seems to be limited to
 the margins of lakes, seas and rivers, which perhaps we would normally
 consider a "limited" range? >>

Oddly enough, there was a crocodile called Sarcosuchus imperator that was a 
contemporary or near-contemporary of Suchomimus. It had a larger skull and 
was probably longer and heavier than Suchomimus, too. Luis Rey has done a 
nice painting of a big Sarcosuchus chasing a Suchomimus out of the water.