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RE: Suchomimus Photos Posted Online

Dinogeorge wrote:

>Oddly enough, there was a crocodile called Sarcosuchus imperator that was a

contemporary or near-contemporary of Suchomimus. It had a larger skull and 
was probably longer and heavier than Suchomimus, too. Luis Rey has done a 
nice painting of a big Sarcosuchus chasing a Suchomimus out of the water.

Yes, it would seem a risky strategy to stand *in* the water, and yet I find
it difficult to imagine how Suchomimus could obtain enough fish simply by
waiting "on the riverbank" as it were. Hence my curiosity as to how it would
even get the chance to evolve.

Stretching the bounds of reason, are we *sure* it was after fish? What
about, say, large snakes?

cheers, m

PS are there any possible predators of live pterosaurs? Flying, or otherwise
(ie not opportunistic?)