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Re: natatory Geochelone [ humor and flights of fancy]

On Fri, 30 Jun 2000 11:40:04 -0500 Farlow@IPFW.EDU (Farlow,James) writes:
>      I can imagine an ankylosaur or other big dinosaur patiently 
> enduring such a trip.

I like the images that brings to mind.  The sun is slowly sinking in a
cloudless sky, and out on the ocean ankylosaurs are drifting serenely in
the currents, floating along with the water, some of them maybe serving
as rest stops for seagoing birds and pterosaurs.    

(It's probably a good thing those fellows are extinct; can you imagine
the damage a large *Gastonia* or *Sauropelta* could do to a small wooden
craft? ["Arrh, Cap'n, hard'a port!  Thar be an *Edmontonia* comin' on

Joking aside, I'm not sure, but I would think that ankylosaurines and
shamosaurines, which had large tail clubs, would have found this more
difficult than clubless nodosaurids and polacanthines; wouldn't such an
accessory, distanced from the rest of the body, tend to make its owner
less stable in the water?-*Thescelosaurus* 

Justin Tweet, *Thescelosaurus*
See "Thescelosaurus!": http://personal2.stthomas.edu/jstweet/index.htm

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