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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #134

We've finally received word of a new dinosaur for the year 2000. From John R. 
Hutchinson comes this citation:

Burnham, D. A., Derstler, K. L., Currie, P. J., Bakker, R. T., Zhou Z. & 
Ostrom J. H., 
2000. "Remarkable new birdlike dinosaur (Theropoda: Maniraptora) from the 
Upper Cretaceous of Montana," University of Kansas Paleontological 
Contributions 13: 1-14.

Hutchinson notes that three pages of this are occupied by reconstructions 
(skeleton, skeleton with body outline, and color restoration). The paper 
describes Bambiraptor feinbergi based on a nice skeleton ("75% adult size" 
according to the authors). Shares some derived traits with birds, including a 
proximal dorsal process of the ischium. Due to its evident close phyletic 
relationship with birds, it has been featured in a number of news articles as 
well, and it has been discussed on the dinosaur list off and on for more than 
a year. So it's an old story for list members.

>From news sources I have learned that the species epithet honors Ann and 
Michael Feinberg, who supported the research. Regrettably, this means the 
species epithet must change to feinbergorum (unless the recently adopted 
fourth edition of the ICZN no longer mandates the change to the genitive 
plural when the species epithet honors more than one person, one of whom is 
male; don't have a copy of this yet).

So we add to the Dinosaur Genera List as genus #879:

Bambiraptor Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom, 2000

There are other new dinosaurs in the latest issue of Journal of Vertebrate 
Paleontology, but I'll refrain from posting on them until I receive the 
article citations or my copy of the issue (which should be in the mail).

The list of North American dinosaur species should have the following new 

Bambiraptor Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom, 2000
    B. feinbergorum Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & Ostrom, 2000
        emend nov.
        = Bambiraptor feinbergi Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou & 
NOTE: The species epithet honors two persons, Ann and Michael Feinberg, so 
emendation to the masculine genitive plural is justified.

(If it turns out that the emendation to genitive plural is unjustified 
[because the newspaper account gave an incorrect attribution or because the 
ICZN no longer mandates this kind of change], then the species epithet feinber
gi would be reinstated.)