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PALEONEWS:Feathered Dinosaurs on Show in Hong Kong

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Feathered Dinosaurs on Show in Hong Kong 

HONG KONG (May 1) XINHUA - Eight pieces of rare feathered dinosaur
fossils, the Class I national treasures of China, will be on display at
Hong Kong Science Museum from May 2 to June 11, revealing the
evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs and birds. 

Being shown for the first time in Asia, all the eight pieces genuine
fossils are the types of feathered dinosaurs found in China's Liaoning
Province and of more than 100 million years old. 

The pieces to be shown are Sinosauropteryx, the first feathered dinosaur
found in the world; Liaoxiornis, the smallest prehistoric bird ever
known; Caudipteryx, the first dinosaur that possessed primitive
feathers; Confuciusornis, the first bird that possessed a beak; and
Huaxiasaurus, Dromaeosaurus, Protarchaeopteryx and Changchengornis. 

There has been a controversy for 130 years as to whether birds
originated from dinosaurs since T. Huxley, a British scholar proposed in
1870 that blood relationship existed between birds and theropod

These exquisitely preserved fossils of dinosaurs reveal different stages
in the evolution of the shoulders and forelimbs of theropod dinosaurs
and provide crucial evidence for how grasping arms were transformed into
flying wings. 

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