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Re: WWD - layman's view

Terry W. Colvin wrote:
> BTW, what is this temperate Antarctic forest theory?  Is this a stretching
> of the data to account for fossils found in cold regions?  Did dinosaurs
> migrate with the seasons?
> Terry

There are plenty of plant and pollen fossils from this time (Koonwarra, Boolo
Boola, Devil's Kitchen) that indicate the presence of ferns, conifers,
ginkgophytes... the usual Mesozoic suspects. Koonwarra also includes many invert
fossils (insects, worms, spiders, molluscs, even a horseshoe crab) that indicate
the conditions were similar to alpine conditions today (that is, the sort of
inverts found at Koonwarra are similar to modern alpine aquatic ecosystems). 

The one problem (one?) I had with the "Spirits of the Ice Forest" episode is the
fact that Leaellynasaura got to meet Koolasuchus. The last I heard Koolasuchus
was about 120 MY old, whereas Leaellynasaura only about 106 MY. There is no
evidence of the presence of crocs in labyrinthodont-bearing deposits, but there
is at Dinosaur Cove (where L. comes from). Hence it's thought that by 106 MYA
crocs had replaced the giant amphibians (perhaps conditions got a bit warmer).
Therefore I think it unlikely that L. and K. ever met face to face.

If there was one positive thing about that episode, it proved conclusively that
one of my pet theories was 100% accurate: that juvenile Leaellynasaura were the
cutest dinosaurs of all time.

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

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