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Re: Introduction

It's a lot harder for a pterosaur to hang by it's feet than a bat, they
don't have the handydandy grip-locking mechanism that bats have built-in
for hanging.  Bats only have to RELAX their grip to lock down on a
branch they are hanging from; pterosaurs have to expend energy to keep
the toes and claws in tension around the branch (this means no gpoing to
sleep while hanging).

If you're going to the trouble of hanging a pterosaur like a bat why not
adapt the fruitbat-style wingwrap -perhaps a fold on the outside of the

I think there's an older illustration of this mode in Wellenhofer's
pterosaur book.

-Betty Cunningham

Allan Smith wrote:
> I am new to the list and have been following your discussions for the last
> couple of weeks, by comparison I am an amateur by far.
> I do paleo sculptures mostly of pterosaurs and often find myself needing to
> seek advice from professionals in the field.
> My current  project is a pterodactyls kochi hanging from a branch asleep
> kind of like a bat, I hope to have digital photos tomorrow if anyone on the
> list is interested in seeing them.
> My question is weather or not the wings would be folded around the outside
> of the legs or would be tucked between the legs? My photos will better
> illustrate this question.

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)