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Re: Animation software

I assume you're talking a 3d animation program.

what sort of price range restrictions? 
Hollywood top of the line? 
middling expensive? 
home hobbiest?

what sort of hardware restrictions? 
compatablity to specific academic 3d-computational formats -if so what

how long a learning period do you expect before you are able to
understand and use the modelling, animation, and rendering tools? 
2 weeks? 
2 months? 
need it right now?

Walking with Dinosaurs used the expensive stuff.

for PC, middle of the road price range, and relative ease of use
Autodesk/Kinetix/Descreet's 3D StudioMax isn't too bad (only about US$
2k)  (It's what I use at work)  It can load many CAD formats (which are
frequently used in academia)  It's NOT as dependable for accuracy and
computational stuff as some more academic programs.

John Hutchinson might be able to recomend some of those types.

-Betty Cunningham

> Martin Barnett wrote:
> This might have been mentioned before on the list so if it has,
> apologies for covering old ground.  Can anyone give me some good
> recomendations for software that would be particularly for animating
> bones and/or rendered animals?  The former is more important.  

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)