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Re: PALEONEWS: new tyrannosaurid skull

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Betty Cunningham wrote:
> from sci.bio.paleontology:
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> Subject:  new tyrannosaurid skull
> Date:     3 May 2000 12:53:54 GMT
> From:     HURUM@ALB.NO (HURUM)
> A "new" skull of Tarbosaurus has been prepared in Norway. The skull was
> completely disarticulated and cleaned. The skull was found in Nemegt,
> Gobi Desert, Mongolia by the Polish-Mongolian Expeditions in 1965 and
> collected in 1965 and 1970.
> For pictures of the preparation, the results and story behind the
> finding see:
> http://alun.uio.no/palmus/tarbosaurus/english/index.html

This is a wonderful page.

Question, tho. Not to belittle the work, but the photos run from May
3rd to May 18th, and this seems awfully fast preparation. Were they
"lucky" and this one was easy to prepare, they were just *good*, or what?

I probably have the wrong idea about how long a find like this would