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Re: Quetzalcoatlus

At 09:43 AM 5/2/00 -0400, Michael Brett-Surman wrote:
Quetzalcoatlus was described in two papers. Although this could have been
done in one paper, it is still "legal" for ICZN rules. The first paper
(Lawson 1975a), SCIENCE 187:947-948, gives the description and diagnosis.
The second paper (Lawson 1975b), SCIENCE 188:676-677, gives the type
specimen designation (TMM 41450-3, and name Q. northropi.

Strictly this makes the second paper the formal definition. The relevant rule in ICZN says a species or genus definition must contain a differential diagnosis *or* *refer* to one.

Lawson 1975b appears to meet this requirement, provided it actually refers to Lawson 1975a.

So, I think we have _Quetzalcoatlus northropi_ Lawson, 1975

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