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Re: Tatenektes?

In a message dated 5/4/00 10:50:27 AM EST, NKing@usi.edu writes:

<< Speaking of ICZN regs, in the Spring 2000 News Bulletin from SVP (p. 118,
 3rd paragraph) there is reference to an unnamed marine reptile (plesiosaur?)
 that MAY EVENTUALLY be named _Tatenektes_.  The name was published right
 there, but in quotation marks.  Doesn't that nevertheless mean the name has
 been published without a description or anything else?  And, from the text,
 it seems none too clear that this will be the final outcome. >>

This is just a vernacular name. BVP is considered to be a publication of 
restricted distribution (just to SVP members) under the ICZN, so it cannot be 
a venue for formal nomenclatural acts. On the other hand, for the purposes of 
the Dinosaur Genera List, I consider any dinosaur name published in the BVP 
fair game (as a nomen nudum, of course), and if Tatenektes were a dinosaur 
name, it would be on it already(with a NOTE of course).