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Fw: Love Bug Virus

Slightly off subject, but since I recieved "IT" off of another listserv
Figured I would send it along.

This email comes from the head of TECH support here at AMNH.

:) Jenny
PS  Speaking of LOVE BUGS, I am getting married this weekend and the surname
is changing to Lando.........

> Reports of the "Love Bug Virus" are indeed real (thank you for everyone
> has sent us info about this). We confirmed that this virus alert is real.
> Under no circumstances, do not open any email attachments that state "I
> YOU", or any attachment where "I Love You" appears in the Subject Line of
> the message. This goes for messages that may appear to come from people
> know. Delete this file immediately, and please inform myself and your
> support representative of the receipt of this message.
> Please be advised that not all virus scanners can catch this infection.
> This virus destroys all exe & ini files along with your email.
> If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.