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Re: Re. Progress

I've been following this increasingly complex (heh heh) thread on what I
*think* is the connotations of the word progress.  I think perhaps the way
some may want to look at the word is from its meaning as a verb, instead of
its meaning as a noun.  When we say something "progresses", we mean it goes
on.  How the noun "progress" gained the connotation of *good* forward
motion, so to speak, is the problem.  Perhaps we should think of life as
simply moving on, instead of moving on and improving on the way.

My few lire worth,
Andrea Kirk
Undergraduate, Computer Sci. and Japanese Language
University of Maryland

> Is time to decouple notion of progress from notion of complexity.
> complexity is not necessarily progress(!!); often a >decrease< in
> is progressive. Probably better to tie notion of progress to notion of
> increased efficiency. This may even be measurable(!).
> Also, with regard to wall: Is not life itself, versus prior condition of
> non-life, progress?