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Web Site and South Florida Again

First some words that should have been written weeks ago:

Thank goodness for Mary's and Luis', _et. al_ notes on the symposium.
I've just surfaced from a bout of bronchitis and a series of double
First of all, it was wonderful meeting a bunch of the Dino-listers and
placing a face to all the names that have become a daily pleasure to
open their e-mails.
My experience with scientific meetings is medical technology associated:
microbiology, histology, hematology, etc sometimes with 'casts of
thousands'. I found the camaraderie, at this meeting, great. It was like
being among family.

A high point was the bus trips going to and coming from the Seminole
village. The cross aisle conversations presaged the talks we would begin
to hear on the morrow. Birding from the bus was good, too, what with the
egrets, anhingas (pleased me to prompt Alan with this name when his
memory stumbled, imagine), coots and herons, that were spotted. No other
tour bus ('cept maybe the other one)would be half as interesting! The
big-wheeled swamp buggy brought us to a hommock (hummock) where we
wandered through the vegetation and heard a talk on the anthropology
digs that are done on these raised islands of land in the Everglades
where the normally higher water levels concentrate the livable space
(i.e. dry land). Noted numerous ground disturbances where feral pigs
rooted, scattered deer bones, many cow chips and only one small
red-ringed neck garter snake.
The airboat ride I was on was mild (though another had a certain
ambassador-to-the-public paleontologist jumping out into inches of water
and grabbing a snapping turtle that got away, rats.) We did stop though,
to feed an ostrich and an alligator dog food. In among the trees, a
bunch of turtles slid into the water upon our approach. Also saw a water
moccasin flee on the water from us. First time I ever left the 'Glades
with dry feet!

The sequential presentations assured I didn't miss anything. I'm so used
to going to the medical meetings and finding the three or four talks I
must see are all at the same time. Not here. Wonderful.
>From Dr. Kelley's intro, to the honoured guest Dr. Ostrom and his
reminiscence of his intro to paleo (nix physician), to Dr. Witmer's
start where he drew our attention to the details on the bones so we may
put the flesh on 'em all the way to the end on the next day, I was
treated to a calvalcade of stars, authors stepping down from my
bookshelf up to the stage. I think I may be a paleo groupie now.

I hesitate to give any details about the talks (thanks again Mary and
Luis ...) since I don't wish to violate Holtz's Dictum. And being
inexpert, may stumble. But as consolation, a few (75+) more pictures are
now on my web site. Most picture files average 20 Kb  I have some nice
photos that no-one can see yet. Can't wait for publication of these
Michael Patrick Corriss