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Were the dinosaurs fried by ultraviolet light?

>Were the dinosaurs fried by ultraviolet light?
>May 3, 2000
>Over the past few decades, the rise and fall of the dinosaurs has captured
>the imagination of the public and the scientific community alike. While it
>is clear that the impact of a large asteroid straddling the coastline of
>what is the Yukatan peninsula in Mexico some 65 million years ago, may have
>wiped out these magnificent reptiles, the debate still rages as to precisely
>how they met their demise.
>In a recent paper communicated in Ecology Letters, they explain that the
>levels of nitrogen and sulphur oxides produced during the impact event would
>have all but destroyed the ozone layer, thereby doubling the levels of
>lethal UV radiation incident on the earth's surface. This deluge of ionising
>radiation would have put additional stresses on the biosphere already
>stretched to the extreme by the impact.
>Full story here:

Terry W. Colvin, Sierra Vista, Arizona (USA)
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