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Re: Tasmanian tiger to be cloned

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Patrick Norton wrote:
> Sam wrote:
> >One step closer it seems... (snip)...Exciting stuff<
> Before getting too excited, we should not forget that it is very likely that
> _Thylacinus cynocephalus_ became extinct as a result of human predation and
> loss of habitat from human development and introduction of grazing animals.
> Without a habitat to support a breeding population of these animals, I don't
> see any valid ethical basis for resurrecting them.  The *aha!* experience we
> may get from it is certainly not reason enough.

There are claims, so far apparently unsupported, that the TD is still
alive. It's popped up in the news now and then, and has even been a TLC

If it's actually still alive (small tho that possibility might be), then
wouldn't this come across more like a recovery operation? I don't see
where it's an ethical matter. We're doing the same thing with the wolf
in the US.