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Re: Tasmanian tiger to be cloned

Patrick Norton wrote:

Before getting too excited, we should not forget that it is very likely that
_Thylacinus cynocephalus_ became extinct as a result of human predation and
loss of habitat from human development and introduction of grazing animals.
Without a habitat to support a breeding population of these animals, I don't
see any valid ethical basis for resurrecting them.

Before its extinction, the thylacine lived on the island of Tasmania. Tasmania has PLENTY of wilderness to sustain a population of thylacines. It may still do. The thylacine became extinct largely through an execrable bounty system, by which thylacines were ruthlessly hunted because they had committed the unholy sin of occasionally preying upon sheep.

All this has nothing to do with dinosaurs. I just wanted to have the last word before this thread (deservedly) goes extinct.


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