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No sightings of Thylacines (was Tasmanian Tiger)

Regarding recent posts on the possibility of cloning a Thylacine, please keep
in mind:
and specifically 8h)  Moratoria on tired threads, which reads in part:

"Additionally, list owners may order an immediate shutdown of discussions 
which arise on subjects which are not germane to the purpose of the list -- 
dinosaur science. Notable examples of subjects which have no place on the 
list are cryptozoology, time travel, Planet of the Apes, and random computer 
virus alerts, among others."

While the possibility of cloning a recently extinct species "might" be 
to our discussions of dinosaur science, pseudo-sightings in the wild are not. 
The Thylacine posts have led yet again into cryptozoology, and that is not 
an acceptable topic for our list.  (And no, do not post cryptozoology urls 
informational or other purposes).

Thank you for your cooperation,

Mary Kirkaldy
Dinosaur Mailing List Co-owner