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new book

OK, the following isn't about dinosaurs, but it's possible that persons who 
subscribe to this list will also be interested in less flashy components of late
Mesozoic and Cenozoic terrestrial faunas.

I think this may be the prettiest book we've done yet.  Stay tuned.  We have 
several other interesting titles in the works, many of them dinosaur-related.

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Subject: new book
Author:  Farlow at ZZSC1POST
Date:    5/8/00 12:57 PM

     I'm happy to announce publication of J. Alan Holman, 2000, _Fossil 
     Snakes of North America: Origin, Evolution, Distribution, 
     Paleoecology_, Indiana University Press, ISBN 0-253-33721-6, 357 pp., 
     the latest entry in my "Life of the Past" series.  This is more a 
     reference work than light bedtime reading.  Al describes the 
     characteristic features of known genera and species, and reproduces 
     dozens of drawings of fossil specimens.  In addition, there are 
     beautiful color photos of living representatives of the various 
     groups.  Information is presented both systematically, and by 
     locality.  Al ends by discussing snake faunas over time.