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Re: Iguanadon cheeks (spoiler)

as I recall from the 3rd trailer, the decrepid styracosaur-oid in the
sandstorm (love those cearatopsian designs though) has lips for talking
too, so it aint just Iguanodon.....

I saw a new kids' book on DINOSAURS! out at BORDERS (done in the style
of the EYEWITNESS series) on the characters of the movie.

SURFING lemurs?  

Oh dear.

-Betty Cunningham

Patrick Norton wrote:
> Has there been anything published on the presence/absence of cheeks within
> the Ornithopoda since the talks on that subject at SVP 98?  As I recall,
> those talks questioned the presence of cheeks.  Disney seems to have gone in
> the opposite direction with its Iguanodonts by replacing the premaxillary
> and predentary rhampotheca with lips.  The lips were probably a fiction
> created by Disney to accommodate speech and allow for a more expressive
> face, but I'm curious about any further work on the cheek issue.
> Pat

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