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Re: Disney's Dinosaur - second try!

Believe me, I understand what you're talking about.

I'm in the midst of writing an essay for The Skeptical Inquirer (for which I
write fairly regularly).

It poses what I think is an interesting question:

In the Aesop's fable about the argument amongst the organs of the body as to
which is the most important (I'm sure you remember it, but the idea is that the
mouth claims supremecy because it eats the food, but the hand counters that
unless the fingers work, the food never gets to the mouth so the hand is the
most important... and on and on until the poor guy dies when they all go on
strike to prove they're right)... one must consider which is more important: the

moral of the fable or whether or not hands and stomachs and mouths can talk to
each other.

Obviously, fingers don't talk (or at least mine don't). It's a story, not Gray's


My personal point of view is that fiction films should be allowed to do whatever

they want. It's FICTION.

On the other hand, if National Geographic did it, I'd be pissed off.

That's probably  where you and I disagree.

Rudyard Kipling wrote stories about elephants that had no trunks and got them
when a crocodile pulled on their noses. DIdn't happen. Good story.

Disney is in the storytelling business. Period.

E S.

"Jerry D. Harris" wrote:

> >Please don't mistake my intentions: I'm not justifying the science here, I
> >am
> >justifying the decisions that were made in the interests of storytelling.
>    Not to reopen the can of worms on what is and isn't "fact" in
> paleontology (especially paleontological restorations), any decisions made
> that are flatly _contrary_ to the evidence are, simply, inexcusable.  It
> would be like saying "Well, the story worked better if the elephant had
> _two_ trunks," when we all know darned well that all elephants have only one
> trunk.  You can't change anatomy to make a story better!
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