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Re: Raptors and size (Disney, WWD, JP)

At 02:46 pm 8/05/00 -0400, Ralph Chapman wrote:
>I think the "problem" with the too big raptors is a bit of
>red herring.
>Yes the raptors in Jurassic Park were bigger than we have
>and were really Deinonychus  and still too big for that
>genus, but we all know reptiles show excellent size
>variation within genera and it is certainly conceivable that
>a larger species of Velociraptor existed, and the potential
>for a very large one in organisms that grow throughout their
>lives is quite possible.

        Doubly so for an animal raised in captivity, with few selective
pressuress, ample medication when ill, plenty of A-grade meat and free
room-and-board. ;)
And given the JP ones were investments, they'd have gotten the very best of

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