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Re: Joan Wiffen

Joan Wiffen wrote a book about her work entitled _Valley of the Dragons: the
Story of New Zealand's Dinosaur Woman_. published in 1991, ISBN 1 86941 145
5.  The notes on the back cover state:

"In the 1970's an amateur paleontologist, Joan Wiffen, began making
discoveries from a remote site in the hill country of Hawk's Bay.  By 1982
she had conclusively proved that dinosaurs had once lived in New Zealand.

This is her story.  It is the story of how an ordinary housewife upon
retirement decided that she wanted to do something different with her life.
Her husband's night classes in geology became the unlikely starting point of
an adventure that would eventually lead to international acclaim and
recognition.  After years of exacting research, her discoveries have
revolutionized our thinking about the past.

To many people she is simply known as the 'Dinosaur Woman.'"

There is also a nice, glossy article covering some of her discoveries, "The
Hunt for New Zealand's Dinosaurs_, by Vaughan Yarwood, pp. 100-122, in _New
Zealand Geographic_, Number 19, July-September 1993, complete with a poster.

-- Ralph W. Miller III or Gigi Babcock      gbabcock@best.com