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Re: Disney's Dinosaur

>From the commercials I've seen, some of the dinosaurs are actually pretty 
good-looking.  It didn't show it for very long,  but I think I saw some 
pachyrhinosaurs in there that looked pretty good.
And on the subject of the "raptors," I saw on TV last night that the sounds 
they are using for the "raptors" in the movie are chihuahua growls.
Disney also seems to be infatuated with *Iguanodon* and *Carnotaurus*.  If 
you have been to Animal Kingdom, you would know that those are the two main 
dinosaurs that they used on their "Countdown to Extinction" ride.


In a message dated 5/8/00 3:02:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
dbensen@gotnet.net writes:

<< My only complaint (based on the data I've seen) on Disney's Dinosaur movie 
 that, well, gosh-darn it, but I'm getting sick of CGI dinosaurs.  I'm sorry,
 but I would really like to see a dinosaur movie done in the spirit of The 
 King, where the animals are accurate, but obviously cartoons.  I still pine 
 the day when I can go to a movie and see dinosaurs that are (dare I say it?)
 pretty. >>