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Error notice about web site

Time to 'eat crow' (which I understand tastes like chicken? or _T. rex_
;-) )
Thank you sharp-eyed Ralph W. Miller III.
He brought to my attention I put up the Brian Cooley reconstruction of
_Sinothosauruus mellenii_ as Bambi.
 I'm unable to replace it at this moment so I'm going to load blank
files in their stead until I can get the proper photos in their place.
The only ones I have at present have terrible light reflections on the
surrounding glass case, so I'll have to see if I can get the proper
photos at the Graves MUseum tomorrow or Thursday.
 To try and make-up for my error I've uploaded two other Cooley
reconstructions: One the 'cover-girl' of the National Geographic of the
July 1998 issue _Caudipteryx zoui_ at:
http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Caudi.jpg  13K
http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Caudia.jpg  17K
http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Caudib.jpg  18K

and _Sinosauropteryx_ at :

http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Sinoa.jpg   17K
http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Sinob.jpg   19K
http://www.gate.net/~mcorriss/Sinoc.jpg   18K

These aren't in a web page so must be accessed individually.

And while I'm at it...(public announcement) 
Thank you Mickey for your pointing out earlier my misnaming the raptor
on the Glades trip page.

And thank you everyone else who paid a visit to my pages, I'm simply
amazed at the number of hits I've had already!

Michael Patrick Corriss