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Re: Disney's Dinosaur

> Yes, indeed that was most likely _Longisquama_ that you saw. It is mentioned
> on the official webisite in the cast of characters.  Good eye!

>Great -- an animal that lived *before* the dinosaurs in a film about the
K/T extinction ...<

    That character is actually called "the gliding lizard".  The directors
loved the look of Longisquama, but since we were TRYING to keep everything
Cretaceous, we based the creature on it.  From what I understand, gliding
lizards have evolved several times throughout prehistory, so we were at leisure
to have aome fun with it.  To be  more precise, I used a lot of Icarasuarus
reference as well.  At first it didn't have the chameleon eyes, as that gag was
used in other films, but I'm glad it got in.  It always gets a laugh!

  I'd be curious to hear your opinions on gliding reptiles, lizards etc through
out history.  Also the different flight mechanics that each have adapted (
Although, I'm sure flapping isn't involved!)

  David Krentz