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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #141

In a message dated 5/10/00 3:24:33 PM EST, twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com writes:

<< Yes, but the competition is pretty tough.  There's also _Succinodon_, 
 thought by Huene to be a sauropod jaw, making it the first described Polish 
 sauropod.  As it turned out, it was just the filled borings made by a 
 mollusc (genus _Kuphus_) that looked like a series of sauropod teeth.
 Another alleged dinosaur, _Macrodontophion_, based on a pointed tooth which 
 (I've heard) may not be a tooth at all but the fossilized shell of some 
 And _Hadrosaurus tripos_ is a whale! >>

The point here is that Ponerosteus is most likely based on a dinosaur fossil, 
whereas those others (including Aachenosaurus) are now known not to be: The 
worst >dinosaur< specimen to be used as a type specimen. Sorry I wasn't quite 
clear on that. By the way, where did you hear about Macrodontophion being a 
mollusc lately?