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Re: How did dromaeosaurs use their arms?

>>There is virtually no chance that such a specifically winglike forelimb
>articulation would have evolved in a grounded cursorial predator.<
>The argument that this arrangement was selected as a more effective
>"predatory strike" mechanism are, I think, weak for a number of reasons.

Maybe the answer is Alan Gishlick's paper on the hand of Deinonychus (very
useful for those interested in its proper articulation) and in Steve
Gatesy's paper presented at the Florida Symposium: he argued for the
possibility of evolution of a stroke that was not the predatorial but a
>climbing< stroke. He was obviously backing Sankar Chatterjee and was
backed at the same time by the newly discovered tiny arboreal maniraptoran
theropod with 'lemur' third finger.

So the argument that there was no evidence of arboreal theropods has
withered away.

A very clever and interesting presentation.

Luis Rey

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