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RE: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #141

I'll leave the question of whether or not Mesozoic Meanderings is
"widely known" as an exercise for the reader.

Gee, that would wipe out a lot of Chinese dinosaurs. I've just got a paper that appeared in a Koren volume from a friend. So, would this mean all the new bird taxa that Hou described in his book is now bunk because it is poorly distributed?

No, of course all these names are, technically valid (the ICZN statement is a recommendation, not a requirement), though I personally think that new taxa _should_ be published (and should be _required_ to be published) in more widespread journals. This is _not_ to discourage people to publish new names, but more to encourage smaller journals, if they want to receive the kind of noteworthiness and attention that comes from the publication of new taxa, to find avenues to wider distribution! As Tracy knows probably better than most, tracking down papers in obscure regional journals is difficult, time-consuming, and often fruitless process. (Clearly money is the determining factor of distribution, but still...)

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