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RE: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #141

>>the ICZN statement is a recommendation, not a requirement<<

But surely it is a question of being responsible as taxonomists - the
guidelines are there to be followed otherwise there is no point in
having them at all ?.

Provisions of the ICZN apply to both the naming of names, and to the
publication of acts, or _information_ likely to have affects on
nomenclature ... surely, it is the responsibility of the author to place
the decription/information in a sensible place (where others can easily
get hold of in again). If this means peer-reviewed journals etc etc then
surely this is good.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a talk given by Robert May (an
Australian, but the chief scientist of the UK government); what I
thought was amazing about what he said was that all of the
books in the library of congress have been catalogued and
cross-referenced (I forget how many millions) so that their locations
are known exactly, but no-one has any idea of the number of named
species on the planet.

It would be better for us not to make this worse,

Cheers, Gar


Gareth J. Dyke,
Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol,
Queens' Road, Bristol BS8 1RJ UK

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