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RE: Disney's Dinosaur

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> dbensen
> >>Great -- an animal that lived *before* the dinosaurs in a film about the
> K/T extinction ...<<
> Well, if you're getting technical, it's a bit of a stretch that
> ANY of these
> animals lived in the same place and time.

Quite so: for a movie about the K/T boundary, it's funny that not a single
taxon shown is from the latest Maastrichtian!! (Maybe there are forms that
are in the show that aren't on the web page yet.)

And, yes, I know, "It's just a movie".  Still, if the major characters in a
cartoon about the animals of Africa featured as the main cast a panda, a
kangaroo, a wooly mammoth, and a penguin, I think that the response "It's
just a movie" would seem pretty lame...

In any case, it should be nice eye candy, if nothing else.

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