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Re: Verifying Nebraska/Iowa dinosaur material

I submit the following on the behalf of a once and future subscriber:

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From: "John and Lynn Schneiderman" <kriket@gateway.net>
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Subject: Verifying Nebraska/Iowa dinosaur material
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 23:08:01 -0500

Wanted: any information or confirmation about dinosaur material found
in the Early Cretaceous Nishnabotna Fm. near Guthrie Center, Guthrie
County, Iowa.

  Thanks in advance,
John Schneiderman (jschneiderman@revelation.unomaha.edu)

To date: Nebraska has produced some dinosaur material

     1)  UNSM 1200 (6-8-28)  distal end of left femur of an
iguanodontid or early hadrosaur from Burt County, near Decatur.
     2)  UNSM (6-9-32)  partial sacrum from a ?hadrosaur from near
?[Peru, Nemaha County]
     3)  a partial tooth from an ?Albertosaurus from gravel originating
from a quarry in Gage County, near Holmesville
     4)  another partial tooth ?tyrannosaur [Dawes or Sioux County,
northwestern Nebraska]
     5)  bone fragments considered dinosaurian [Burt County near

UNSM University of Nebraska State Museum

please send any information that will assist me in additions or 
corrections to this listing.

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