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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #141

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<< I believe it was in Glut's _Dinosaur Encyclopedia_.  I have heard it 
 though. >>

Looked it up and sure enough, there's the independent opinion of two workers 
(Molnar and Sues) that Macrodontophion is not based on a theropod tooth but 
on something nondinosaurian, perhaps a mollusk shell. There's also a figure 
of the tooth taken from Zborzewski's 1834 paper and boy, it sure doesn't look 
like a theropod tooth from that figure. I like the idea of it being a shell, 
but only a first-hand look at the specimen will determine this with 
certainty. I'd be inclined to remove the genus from Dinosauria. Let me sleep 
on it a bit.