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I suspect that the non-professional paleontologists and the paleo-life
artists would be most likely to come closest to identifying species if they
went back in time.  (Both of these would be less concerned with the _exact_
osteology and maybe more interested in the supposed external appearances,
and might make the mental link more readily).   Of course, the likelihood of
seeing any species that ANY of us would recognize in any way, would be
extremely small.

        I do think that we can explain away the lack of unknown species in
_Jurassic Park_.  The geneticist running the cloning program, "Henry Wu"
complains to Mr. Hammond that (paraphrasing here):  "These really aren't
dinosaurs, they are our ideas of what the dinosaurs ought to look like and
act like. These are show animals."  He claimed to be able to modify the
genetics to slow them down, or speed them up.  Any unknown animals would
have been destroyed.  (Note that the conversation I'm referring to
definitely occurs in the book - I don't remember it from the film).  You
might make a better case for _The Lost World: Jurassic Park_, where the
geneticists are no longer involved, for unknown dinos to appear.

        Allan D. Edels