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Re: Dinosaur sex

On Fri, 12 May 2000 03:18:28   Dinogeorge wrote:
>In a message dated 5/12/00 2:00:54 AM EST, dinoland@mailcity.com writes:
><< *In 1924 O. Abel proposed that differences in the head crests of Canadian 
>lambeosaurines might be accounted for by the sex of the individual. >>
>Wasn't this Nopcsa rather than Abel?

George and group:

I received this info from Peter Larson's Natural History article "To Sex a Rex."

And I quote: "I am not the first paleontologist to be interested in sex.  More 
than 30 researchers have explored the field of sexual dimorphism in dinosaurs.  
One of the earliest was O. Abel, who proposed in 1924 that the differences in 
cranial (head) crests of Canadian lambeosaurines (a group of duckbilled 
dinosaurs) might be accounted for by the sex of the individual."

Nopcsa does ring a bell, though.  Maybe he did something similar, but with 
European dinosaurs.  Any input??...


Steve Brusatte
Dino Land Paleontology

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