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WWD question

Has anyone else wondered about the "igaunodonts" (I think that's the exact 
term that was used) shown wandering about Georgia during the _Ornithcheirus_ 
segment of WWD? I haven't seen it mentioned here. It just seemed like another 
case of the filmmakers getting elastic with the data, since I know of no 
records of "iguanodonts" from Georgia (or elsewhere along the Gulf Coast). 
There is the report of _Tenontosaurus_ sp. from the Aptian Arudel Clay of 
Maryland, but that's about as close as we come (unless you count James Lamb's 
recent claim that the hadrosaurine _Lophorhothon atopus_ is, in fact, an 
iguanodontid, a claim which, IMO, doesn't jive with the holotype material). 
And the animals in question were not called _Tenontosaurus_. Does anyone know 
the basis of the Georgian "iguanodont" scenes?

Caitlin R. Kiernan