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Re: Dinosaur sex

In a message dated 5/13/00 4:28:33 PM EST, dinoland@mailcity.com writes:

<< Nopcsa does ring a bell, though.  Maybe he did something similar, but with 
European dinosaurs.  Any input??... >>

Here is a reference:

Nopcsa, F., 1929. "Sexual differences in ornithopodous dinosaurs," 
Paleobiologica 2: 187-201.

There's only one paper by Abel in 1924 in the Chure & McIntosh bibliography, 
a short paper on dinosaur discoveries in the Upper Cretaceous of Canada. It 
might be the right reference, but right now there's no way for me to check 
it. The title tells nothing, and if Abel discusses sexual dimorphism in it, 
it may be just in an offhand manner.