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"Megalosaurus" inexpectatus the carcharodontosaurid?

While reading Corro's description of "Megalosaurus" chubutensis, I noticed
something.  The following quotes are quite interesting:

"The slightly concave undulations towards the point as seen in M. saharicus
Deperet and Savornin and in M. inexpectatus del Corro are not

"Likewise M. saharicus shows a series of concentric undulations on the tooth
faces that are similar to those presented by M. inexpectatus and that are
not seen in the aforementioned species."

Does this mean that "Megalosaurus" unexpectatus is a carcharodontosaurid?
Other teeth with such wrinkles have recently been described from the Cerro
Castano Member of the Cerro Barcino Formation (Argentina), the Jobu
Formation of Mifune Group (Japan) and the Bauru Formation (Brazil).  Other
carcharodontosaurids such as Giganotosaurus carolini (Calenderos Member of
Rio Limay Formation, Argentina) and unnamed forms (Huincul Member of the Rio
Limay Formation, Argentina; Rio Colorado Formation, Argentina) are also
known from South America, though I am unaware of the presence of tooth
wrinkles in these species.  It seems fairly probable to me that "M."
inexpectatus is a carcharodontosaurid.  Anybody have any comments?

Mickey Mortimer