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Nomingia abstract online

To: dinosaur@usc.edu
From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Subject: Nomingia abstract online

The website (http://www.paleo.pan.pl/acta/acta45-
2.htm#Barsbold) for the journal Acta Paleontologica 
Polonica has the following abstract for the issue in 
press. This name is still a nomen nudum but should be 
legit very shortly:

Barsbold, R., Osmólska, H., Watabe, M., Currie, P.J., & 
Tsogtbaatar, K -. A new oviraptorosaur (Dinosauria, 
Theropoda) from Mongolia: The first dinosaur with a 
pygostyle, pp. 97-106.
A description of Nomingia gobiensis gen. et sp. n., the 
first known dinosaur with a pygostyle, the structure known 
so far only in birds, is presented. The specimen comes 
from the Late Cretaceous strata at Bugin Tsav, Trans-Altai 
Gobi, Mongolia. N. gobiensis is assigned within the 
Oviraptorosauria based on the following characters: 
pneumatized caudal vertebrae, posteriorly concave ischium, 
and deep cervicodorsal hypapophyses. This specimen has 
been previously partially described without being formally 
named (Barsbold et al. 2000).