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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #142

Ben Creisler reports the imminent publication of the name of the 
oviraptorosaur with the pygostyle described earlier this year in Nature. 
Citation is:

Barsbold, R., Osmólska, H., Watabe, M., Currie, P.J., & Tsogtbaatar, K., 
2000. "A new oviraptorosaur (Dinosauria, Theropoda) from Mongolia: The first 
dinosaur with a 
pygostyle," Acta Paleontologica Polonica 45(2): 97-106.

This becomes genus #886 in the Dinosaur Genera List:

Nomingia Barsbold, Osmólska, Watabe, Currie & Tsogtbaatar, 2000

And the following species will be added to the Asiatic dinosaurs section of 
the second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3, the only published complete 
compilation of dinosaur species by continent:

Nomingia Barsbold, Osmólska, Watabe, Currie & Tsogtbaatar, 2000
    N. gobiensis Barsbold, Osmólska, Watabe, Currie & Tsogtbaatar, 2000?

Tracy Ford and Jerry Harris have supplied me with a copy of the paper

Young-Nam Lee, Seong-Young Yang & Eun-Ju Park, 1997. "Sauropod dinosaur 
remains from the Gyeongsang Supergroup, Korea," Paleontological Society of 
Korea Special Publication #2: 103-114.

In it is a restudy of Ultrasaurus tabriensis (considered a nomen dubium by 
the authors) as well as the description of a new species in the sauropod 
tooth genus Chiayusaurus. This species will be added to the listing for Chiayu
saurus in Mesozoic Meanderings #3, and the whole listing will be revised to 
read as follows:

Chiayusaurus Bohlin, 1953 [nomen dubium]
    = Chiayüsaurus Bohlin, 1953 [nomen dubium]§
    C. lacustris Bohlin, 1953 emend. McIntosh, 1990?
        = Chiayüsaurus lacustris Bohlin, 1953?§
    ?C. asianensis Lee, Yang & Park, 1997 emend. nov.
        = Chiayüsaurus asianensis Lee, Yang & Park, 1997§
NOTE: This genus may be a senior synonym of Mamenchisaurus (D. A. Russell & 
Zheng, 1994 [not 1993]), but this would be difficult to establish because the 
type species is based on a single tooth. According to ICZN rules, the generic 
name must be spelled without the dieresis above the u, which is how it 
appeared in the McIntosh (1990) Sauropoda chapter of The Dinosauria (Weishampe
l, Dodson & Osmólska, eds., 1990).

Chiayusaurus has long been considered a nomen dubium, and it is not quite 
clear from the paper why this new species has been referred to this genus 
instead of, say, Mamenchisaurus. The new species is an Early Cretaceous form 
from the Hasandong Formation of Yusuri, near Jinju, Korea, and it seems to 
establish a China-Korea dinosaur connection.

The second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3 will go to press as soon as 
the first printing sells out; about 70 copies of the first printing remain in 
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Ordering instructions are the first item on the page. The Dinosaur Genera 
List appears in its entirety further down on the same page.