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RE: Mammalian and Neornithean cladograms

Mikko Haaramo's site has the information on birds.  See:


Probably mammals, too, but I haven't gotten that deep into the site yet. 
 Unfortunately, there is no general agreement on birds, so the cladograms 
are not consensus trees.  There is no consensus among orders.  Within 
orders, things are better and -- well -- more orderly.

BTW, I've been cross-linking my cladograms (fairly vague) with the better 
stuff provided by Mikko, Mike, Justin Tweet and Jack Conrad, but that job's 
less than half done as of today, and I don't cover mammals yet.

  --Toby White

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On Mon, 15 May 2000, Jos Dols wrote:

> Who knows were to find complete cladograms for mammals and Neornithean
> birds - including recent genera/families - like the ones found for
> Ornithodira / Dinosauria on the Dinosauricon?

The Dinosauricon has cladograms for Neornithes and Mammalia, but they only
go down to the traditional "order" level.

They're at:

I've never seen any on-line going down to "family" or genus level, but if
there is one I'd definitely like to link to it from the aforementioned

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