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Re: "Megalosaurus" inexpectatus the carcharodontosaurid?

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mickey_mortimer@email.msn.com writes:

> Other
>  carcharodontosaurids such as Giganotosaurus carolini (Calenderos Member of
>  Rio Limay Formation, Argentina) and unnamed forms (Huincul Member of the 
>  Limay Formation, Argentina; Rio Colorado Formation, Argentina) are also
>  known from South America, though I am unaware of the presence of tooth
>  wrinkles in these species.

_Giganotosaurus_ shows wrinkles across the entire face of the tooth, as in 
_Carcharodontosaurus_ (Chure et al., 1999, 293); in the Brazilian specimen, 
the wrinkles are limited to the distal edge--the same is true of an isolated 
tooth from Chubut (reported in Vickers-Rich et al., 1999).

Nick Pharris


Chure, Daniel J., Makoto Manabe, Masahiro Tanimoto, and Yukimitsu Tomida, 
1999.  "An Unusual Theropod Tooth from the Mifune Group (Late Cenomanian to 
Early Turonian), Kumamoto, Japan", in Tomida, Rich, and Vickers-Rich, eds., 
_Proceedings of the Second Gondwanan Dinosaur Symposium_.  National Science 
Museum (Tokyo) Monographs, No. 15, pp. 291-296.  (ISSN 1342-9574)

Vickers-Rich, Patricia, Thomas H. Rich, Daniel R. Lanus, Leaellyn S. V. Rich, 
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