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Re: Nomingia

Marco Auditore wrote:

<There is someone that knows how many skeleton is
present for Nomingia, apart tail, pelvic girdle and
hindlimb, seen in National Geographic article?>

  Both hindlimbs, complete, the pelvis lacking right
ischium, complete dorsal and caudal series (ilia fused
to sacrum, 6 segments), nearly complete cervical and
partial pectoral? elements.

<And there is a complete tail in other members of the
oviraptorids family?>

  Both *Ingenia* and *Conchoraptor* have complete
caudal vertebral series; GIN (SPS) 100/42, the super
oviraptorid from Mongolia, has a complete caudal
series, and "Rinchenia" has a partial caudal series.
The tails comprise 34 or less segments, and should
bear much scrutiny in the future.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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