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Re: How did dromaeosaurs use their arms?

Now that i am better informed with respect to the terminology used in 
describing animal functions and anatomy than before, thanks to "James" A. 
Headden's answer, I have made up a new question on how dromaeosaurs used their 
arms and hands.

"James" A. Headden wrote:

> <<Ostrom (1976) showed the arm supination/pronation
> was limited, due largely to the wrist, whereas in less
> derived theropods, such as allosaurs, it was more
> capable of s/p.

This (dromaeosaurs having less s/p ability in ulna/radius than allosaurs) 
doesn't really suggest that the origin of dromaeosaurs was arboreal, does it? I 
find s/p of ulna/radius highly useful in climbing, far more useful than a 
sideways flexing wrist would be.
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