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Chilantaisaurus (was Re: "Megalosaurus" inexpectatus the carcharodontosaurid?)

Nick Pharris wrote:

Harris reports that Chure (pers. comm.) considers that the braincase of
_Chilantaisaurus_ has been misdescribed and does not consider "the material"
allosauroid at all. Jerry, I'm curious: is it just the braincase that Chure
considers non-allosauroid, or the whole taxon? Does he have any other
suggestion for what it might be?

The problem is that the two species (_C. tashuikoensis_, _C. maortuensis_) do not appear to be closely related. _C. tashuikoensis_ (type species) is possibly an allosauroid; the humerus is very _Allosaurus_-like, although proportionately much larger - _Allosaurus_ and _Chilantaisaurus_ appear to be of similar body size, but the humerus of _Chilantai_ is double the length of the humerus of _Allosaurus_. The femur and ilium (what is known of it) are also _Allosaurus_-like too.

The braincase you mention comes from _C. maortuensis_. The cranial material shows coelurosaurian features. From a previous posting (March 99), from Darren Naish:

"I think we can say that they *certainly* do not belong in the same
genus: _C. tashuikouensis_, the type species, is probably a
non-coelurosaur (a megalosauroid or a spinosauroid?), while _'C'
maortuensis_ was referred to the Maniraptora by Dan Chure (1998).
Chure cited reduced number of maxillary teeth, small and fused
maxillary interdental plates and (among other features) a highly
pneumaticised basicranium. This was in the JVP 18 abstracts volume - [snip]."

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