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Re: Chilantaisaurus (was Re: "Megalosaurus" inexpectatus the carcharodontosau...

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<< "I think we can say that they *certainly* do not belong in the same
 genus: _C. tashuikouensis_, the type species, is probably a
 non-coelurosaur (a megalosauroid or a spinosauroid?), while _'C'
 maortuensis_ was referred to the Maniraptora by Dan Chure (1998).
 Chure cited reduced number of maxillary teeth, small and fused
 maxillary interdental plates and (among other features) a highly
 pneumaticised basicranium. This was in the JVP 18 abstracts volume - 
 [snip]." >>

Dan will redescribe the species C. maortuensis as a new genus when his 
dissertation turns into a publication sometime in the next year or three.