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Re: Review of Disney's Dinosaur

The Hollywood preview was Sunday at the beautifully restored El Capitain
theater, with the reception in the masonic hall next door.  

What made the preview particularily 'show-stopping' was the blocking off
of Hollywood Boulevard (between Mann's Chinese and the El Capitan) for 3
days with Dinamation animatronics sitting in the middle of the street of
2 identical T rexes, one Triceratops, one Dilophosaur, one Stegosaur and
two Pteranodons.  There were additional dioramas in the Masonic Hall.

And of course you could buy dino and lemur stuff in the Disney Store
next door.

I did not attend -coincidentally I was staying at the Roosevelt Hotel
for our E3 convention and found dinosaurs scattered across the lot as
extra scenery.  Watching the set-up by the Dinamation staff was

-Betty Cunningham

Richard W Travsky wrote:
> >From someone who attended an early screening.
>   http://www.aint-it-cool-news.com/display.cgi?id=5957

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