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Re: Sternberg and Fiction (Marine Dinos)

curiously enough, the best interpretation of dinsaours in the flesh for
me was a dead one.

In Jurassic Park -the book, there is a sequence where someone finds a
'wierd dead animal' on the beach and takes it's picture and faxes it to
someone who recognises it for a dinosaur.  The discription of the dead
critter so exactly matches both the fossil slabs of Archeopteryx and
modern dead birds I find on the beach that the whole sequence was
embedded in my mind as the highlight of the book (and SHOULD have been
in the movie).  That's EXACTLY how I picture recently dead dinos.  

Even if the dinosaur was temporally out of context this is the bit of
fiction that seems most right to me.

-Betty Cunningham

Ralph Chapman wrote:
> Finally, what fiction do you consider best captures the
> gestalt and feel of the beasts when they are presented?
> Which best transforms you either back to the time, or to the
> context where the dinos, et al. are most real? 

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