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Re: Fighting Dinosaurs at the AMNH

It is a SUPER exhibit and if someone here gets a minute, we'll post some
of the pictures we took at the press conference this morning. They even
gave us dinosaur cookies.

More original, brand new fossils per square inch than I've ever seen

By all means it's worth seeing, perhaps even moving to NY for!

MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:

> The AMNH website now has information on their
> exhibit "Fighting Dinosaurs: New Discoveries from
> Mongolia," which runs from May 19 - October 29, 2000.
> http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/fightingdinos/
> As the site says, these are "dinosaurs like you've
> never seen before!"  There are 30+ dinosaur and other
> fossils from the Gobi Desert, the stars of which are
> the _Velociraptor_ and _Protoceratops_.  The feathered
> Velociraptor model is quite something.
> Mary
> mkirkaldy@aol.com

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