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RE: A New State Dinosaur?

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> T. Mike Keesey
> > >>"Saurophaganax (a close relative of Allosaurus) is the state
> dinosaur of
> > Oklahoma, the only place it has been found so far.  "<<
> >
> > Hmm. I don't know that name. There *is* _Saurophagus maximus_,
> which I think
> > is from OK, and which Paul (1988) listed as a junior synonym of
> _Allosaurus?
> > amplexus_. Could "Saurophaganx" be a misspelling?
> "Saurophagus" is a preoccupied name. I think it's synonymous with
> _Allosaurus amplexus_. _Saurophaganax maximus_ is I think a different
> creature, a large allosaurid that may also belong to _Allosaurus_. It's
> based on a dorsal neural arch.

_Saurophaganax maximus_ is based on different holotype material than
_Saurophagus maximus_, but they might well be the same taxon.  Chure's brief
description of it indicated some differences from classic _Allosaurus_

Both the _Saurophagus_ and _Saurophaganax_ material come from the Morrison
of Oklahoma.

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